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Sports and Events

Drone Aerial filming and photography using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) can now really show the sports, leisure, travel and tourism industries from an exciting and affordable viewpoint, previously only available from expensive helicopter or manned aircraft shoots.

Our filming drones will fly from ground level up to 400 feet at up to speeds of 49 mph for up to 24 minutes on one battery, so the aerial footage we are able to record over land, sea, beaches, coastline, rivers, beautiful countryside, property and urban areas is stunning.

Difficult terrain, remote landscapes, trees and water are not an obstacle for our quadcopter drones (UAV’s).  Xozzi Aerial Services can fly over most sites to capture ultra-HD 4K video and 12 megapixel images.

The commercial use of drones and aerial filming is expanding at a huge rate.  As drone and camera technology advances we are only restricted by your imagination.   We can cover sports events, shows, fetes, and weddings, all from a new aerial perspective.

Now in 2017 video content is a key component of any digital marketing strategy.  A  short one – two minute video gives the viewer an understanding of your business and an awareness of your products and services.  It is vital to grab the attention of views in the first 5-10 seconds of any video with stunning visual images.

All of our aerial video and still image footage is captured in real time on the ground on our handheld drone remote controller so we can see exactly what we are filming.

Xozzi Aerial Services employ our own in-house editors using professional Adobe photo and video editing software. We can adjust our aerial images and video footage to incorporate your corporate image or design to deliver film ready for publication.  We can advise, install and run any video or images on your website,

We can also shoot raw footage for a third-party production team or PR & Advertising agency for inclusion in a coordinated marketing, media or film production.

So elevate your hotel aerial photography, venue or sports marketing by showing your business from the best eagle’s eye view – the air.

Please note: For events of over 1,000 people we may need to obtain CAA approval.

Sports and Events